Here are testimonials from my customers around the world.

My process involves a lot of communications to identify issues and understand expectations. The work does not finish when I send the mouthpiece back to you, I follow-up with feedback and if you are not satisfied with the work, I keep working on the mouthpiece at no extra charge until I reach your sound concept.

Did a try out of the Scirocco.

Awesome piece man. Easiest playing piece I tried thus far. Not overly bright nor dark. Right in the middle. Great job ans fantastic piece!

I have tried the LostWax “Slant”, I love how easy blowing the piece is and it has a smooth dark and rounded sound.

Vincent C. (Singapore)

Hello, I received the tenor mouthpiece that you worked on for me today. It is great. I love it! The best Tenor mouthpiece that I have played.

It is so good that I am wondering if you work on alto and soprano sax mouthpieces as well?

Kenneth H. (United States)

Awesome job on my Selmer Super session soprano sax and Brilhart Ebolin Alto sax mouthpiece Max 🙏

Articulation accuracy and core sound are way clearer now 🙏

Simon L. (United Kingdom)

Another strong recommendation from me.

I had Maxime reface a SYOS Michael Wilbur tenor, a SYOS Dayna Stephens soprano and an Eastern Music DG copy. They were all improved, I notice especially big differences in the SYOS tenor piece and the DG copy!

In addition Maxime is very easy to communicate with and he is super responsive, and has lots of interesting thoughts about mouthpieces. I ended up explaining a few mouthpieces that I like, and he looked up the facing curves that he had measured for those and based the pieces on those.

Malte O. F. (Switzerland)

Hi Max,

The ASC Foehn mouthpiece arrived today.

It is FANTASTIC!!!! I really couldn’t put the horn down once I started playing. It’s everything I asked for. You really nailed it, man. I mean really.

I’ll send you another email in the next few days after I’ve had a chance to spend more time on it.

Congratulations on producing such a work of art. You are the man.

Ralph F. (Australia)

My Fat Boy arrived today from ASC refacing, it’s much better than the stock version that I bought. I wanted ii opened to .120 which is my preference for tenor sax mouthpieces. The tone has more of a sting to it and the altissimo is now excellent. I’ll get back in another day or two when I’ve spent more time with it but I’m very pleased with what Max at ASC did with it.

Vince S. (United States)

I played the Foehn and the refaced pieces again(against a nice Florida Link i’ve acquired) yesterday and you’ve done exceptionally with them. I just sold the Florida Link locally. 

DongMin P. (South Korea)

Very happy with the Conn C-melody. Not stuffy of closed anymore but pleasantly freeblowing. Very much in tune and a nice, distinctive sound with a special light-sizzle.

Martin V. (Netherlands)

Another recommendation from me. I sent off an eastern music Guardala copy and received it back today – it was good before, it’s even better now. Really responsive, and the higher register sounds a lot fatter and smoother. Really fun to play. Also received one of his bass clarinet mouthpieces which is a huge improvement on my Fobes Nova – a much bigger, richer sound and again very responsive.

This was my first experience with having someone modify a mouthpiece for me – you read some horror stories on here about the “big names” keeping pieces for months, running off with your cash, not responding etc…but Maxime was very communicative and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Mike P. (United Kingdom)

Hi Max,

I just came back from play testing the mouthpieces. 

I’m surprised at how much I like the klum florida. Before the reface, I thought it was pretty nice, but not super amazing. I feel like it is now. It has really nice singing quality to it.

Your Foehn was so much fun to play! The tone is so thick and colorful. The altissimo range is a breeze to play. It projects almost as well as a high step baffle mouthpiece. This will definitely be my go to piece when I need to be loud.

The RR turned out great too. It definitely lost all the unwanted resistance. I think I like this piece more than the chris potter piece now, which is also a monster piece.

I got to thank you for the amazing work you did. I’m a very satisfied customer.

DongMin P. (South Korea)

I originally contacted Max about a refacing job, which Max and I discussed in depth before he suggested an alternative, more financially sensible option to do with another piece.

Max worked on an “Eastern Music DG FatBoy” copy for tenor I had bought. Throughout the refacing process, Max was patient and diligent in explaining what modifications and alterations he would be making to my piece, and how they would be done.

His expert craftsmanship really shines through in the final product. My mouthpiece as a result of his refacing work has a beautiful sound with a surprising amount of versatility to it, and its core balanced evenly. My piece’s table is nice and flat, and the tip rails have been thinned and faced with precision.

Max was an absolute pleasure to work with, and his low costs and quick turn around time were a great bonus. Max has truly helped me to turn my sound concept into a reality.

Thanks Max!

Carl A. (Australia)

I recently sent Maxime several of my HR Otto Links, one a special older piece that is quite sentimental to me, and one of the “New Vintage” Slants. I wanted them a bit more open and the tables and tails cleaned up and checked over as they weren’t playing quite right.

They arrived in the post safe and meticulously packaged and wrapped.

I ran them both through their paces over a couple days with a few reeds and everything was effortless! Both have that beautiful Link core and thickness, but now more effortless and responsive than ever before!

Maxime’s work was beautiful and his turn-around time very fast! Highly recommended!


Nick S. (Australia)

So, I got to play the mouthpiece and I was blown away. It was effortless to play from bottom to top and the mid and low end were super thick and fat. The upper range is slightly too focused for taste, but nonetheless, I was super impressed with it. I heard that it was stuffy and resistant before.

I think you did a great job with it.

I can’t wait to get my retro revival refaced.

DongMin P. (South Korea)

Hi Max, I managed to get a good 20-30mins worth of playing on the mpc with different size reeds using legere signature 2, 2.25 and 2.5 sizes..

Honestly I have no idea how u did it but the mpc now plays absolutely amazing.

The tone has gotten much bigger now, but yet retains most of its former character, ie the baffle didn’t drastically alter the sound and make it too bright for my liking. I still get the fat balanced warm tone with that bit more omph and volume.

And also, it doesn’t play difficult at all as compared to before the tip got opened 🙂 I can manage it well even with my current set up.

Also, I am surprised that my bottom end – low C, C#, B and Bb all seem more eager to pop out than before. And the usually stuffy low D and Eb notes aren’t that stuffy no more.

And then the altissimo.. previously I had some issues with getting a consistent front F# sound that was stubborn but now comes out so readily.. and the altissimo responds so well now I was quite baffled for a moment (pun intended hahaha~)

It’s like this mpc got reborn to something even better than before.. huge thanks to u! I’m impressed hahah! 🙏🏼

Benedict C. (Singapore)

… I’ve had a quick blow on the ‘turbocharged’ Riffault alto stencil and it’s a beast! It sounds great, virtually the same sound, nothing lost in my opinion, but the gain in .. gain.. is crazy and altissimo leaps out of it, I’m hitting high E’s with no trouble at all with a paper thin reed.

I’ll keep playing it now and let you know how it is with different reeds, this would be the biggest lead alto piece on the planet.

… thanks again, I’m going to blow out some windows now…

Dustan C. (Australia)

First time engaging Maxime from Avel Sound to fix my chipped tip on my Brilhart tenor mouthpiece. He did a beautiful job and it plays now! Thank you

Sean H. W. (Singapore)

High quality, competent work. Definitely makes a positive impact on your mp!

Chris N. (Singapore)

Max recently worked on 3 Vandoren v16s for me for Sop, Alto and Tenor. I must say, these 3 are the best mouthpieces I’ve ever played. Max is super patient explaining to me the work that he is going to do on my mouthpieces, and I appreciate it a lot.

I’m so happy I sent my mouthpiece to him and I find that these v16s he worked on are hard to beat. Looks like I’m going to be saving a lot of money!

Thank you Max!!

Tan L. H. (Singapore)

I have a JodyJazz DV alto mpc that had corrosion issues that affected the table and rails etc.

Was about to ‘condemn’ it until i found Max and Avel Sound Concept online.

Hit him up and within a day or two, he had the mpc refaced and cleaned up. Max had the table flat as a runway again and also touch up my baffle, tip rail and side rails.

I’ve been able to hit low notes with ease and high notes too without too much issue.

The mpc became quite abit more free blowing but yet I’ve been able to get a pretty full and even tone out of it in all registers. Able to get brightness when I need it and mellowness when I need it to..

Loving it so far 🙂 No complaints 👍🏼

Thanks for a great job well done!

Benedict D. (Singapore)

Max recently worked on two SYOS pieces for me, both a Chad LB and a Zem Audu model. They were beyond bright for me and also had this weird ‘buzz’ in them, which he was able to eliminate.

He’s brought out the best in both pieces, opened both up, cleaned up their rough 3-D printing process (right down to eliminating a significantly raised seam on the inside of the shank on one of the pieces), lowered the baffles to a degree and they are now good fun and will be played, I could not have played them before Max’s incredible work.

His excellent communication and incredibly quick turn around time are also a huge privilege to experience.

Many thanks to Max and Avel Sound Concept, I now have four pieces that Max has worked on and enjoy them all!

Dustan C. (Australia)

Max restored my unplayable Soprano Dukoff D8 to one hell of a stellar piece. All transaction was like buttery smooth and my piece sings now.

Glad that I met Max as I was desperately looking for a mouthpiece refacer in Singapore after I moved from the states where I used to have Sakshama as my mouthpiece guy.

Steve H.Y. (USA/Singapore)

Really friendly and great service! Max was really patient and accommodating as I was trying out the Selmer S90. He transformed the mouthpiece from something I wasn’t too fond of into something that I really liked by studying the current mouthpieces I’ve been using and adapting to some of their designs.

Really great craftsmanship and very nice to chat with him about anything and everything saxophone and I’ll definitely come back for more of his services!

Ezekiel L. (Singapore)

Recently went to send my Meyer in for refacing. before adjustments, it just couldn’t play well although the mouthpiece was made to factory standards.

Max provided an excellent service and the mouthpiece was ready on the same day. Really enjoying the mouthpiece now.

Jiayi S. (Singapore)

Would start out by saying that Max is a patient, friendly, open and takes a great deal of care when you hand him your mouthpiece.

My Otto Link STM for alto was stuffy, takes alot of air and everytime I play it I feel that I am fighting with the mouthpiece. But I decided to give it a chance, contacted Max and he worked his magic on the piece. Handed him the mpc on Thursday noon and was ready on Friday evening!

What’s more is that Max was really kind to give me a spare Otto Link box as mine did not come with 1 when I got it as a 2nd hand.

When I opened the box, its like a young kid opening a box of nicely packaged chocolates. The mouthpiece was wrapped in a paper and had a Avel Sound Concept sticker on the paper. This was surrounded by a piece of bubble wrap that stops the mouthpiece from moving. That impressed me much as Max did put in alot of effort in presentation!

The tone I now can get out of the Otto Link turned out sweet and free-blowing! My wife said that this sounds better than my usual playing. Haha.. Thanks alot Max!

Great stuff you have done for your customers! Will definitely visit again!

Vincent C. (Singapore)

Good product and services with reasonable price. Keep this up!

Ken L. (Malaysia)

Maxime is professional and gave many tips to me as a saxophonist! Totally recommend his services!

Darren C. (Singapore)

Mouthpiece is great, also excellent communication.

Steve G. (USA)

Bought a Runyon Custom Spoiler for Baritone. Arrived fast and with no problem whatsoever. Great playing mouthpiece too!

Yotam M. B. (Israel)

Very nice service. Great communication and prompt shipping. You’ll have to try it yourself !

Julien C. (France)

Bought a Jody Jazz HR* from this seller. Mouthpiece was in pristine condition. Seller was honest and knowledgeable. Was a good deal.

Adrian C. (Singapore)

Max is a really friendly guy who knows his stuff about mouthpieces. Highly recommended. Lots of nice mouthpieces.

Christian L. (Singapore)

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