Would start out by saying that Max is a patient, friendly, open and takes a great deal of care when you hand him your mouthpiece.
My Otto Link STM for alto was stuffy, takes alot of air and everytime I play it I feel that I am fighting with the mouthpiece. But I decided to give it a chance, contacted Max and he worked his magic on the piece. Handed him the mpc on Thursday noon and was ready on Friday evening!
What’s more is that Max was really kind to give me a spare Otto Link box as mine did not come with 1 when I got it as a 2nd hand.
When I opened the box, its like a young kid opening a box of nicely packaged chocolates. The mouthpiece was wrapped in a paper and had a Avel Sound Concept sticker on the paper. This was surrounded by a piece of bubble wrap that stops the mouthpiece from moving. That impressed me much as Max did put in alot of effort in presentation!
The tone I now can get out of the Otto Link turned out sweet and free-blowing! My wife said that this sounds better than my usual playing. Haha.. Thanks alot Max!
Great stuff you have done for your customers! Will definitely visit again!

Vincent C. (Singapore)