Rates & Services

I offer full customization with a choice of Radial (free blowing, “modern” sound) curves or Elliptical (more resistance, “vintage” feel/sound, resistance can be dialed-in to a certain extent), thick/thin tip rail & side rails, short/medium/long facing length, etc.

Please state your preferences (if any) and provide a description of your set-up (saxophone brand/model, reed brand/model/strength, etc. when contacting me.

My facing curves are computer generated to perfectly match your chosen tip opening and facing length. I can accommodate any facing length and tip opening combination you prefer. The resulting facing curve will be a perfect match for the best possible playing experience. No guess work here. I play test all mouthpieces before I send them back to you.

This process involves a lot of communication to fully understand your playing style, your goals, your expectations and the problems your are experiencing with your set-up.

I offer the following services on Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone mouthpieces, Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet mouthpieces:


  • Testing & Evaluation: S$20/US$15 (Fee included in standard refacing rate)
  • Standard refacing*: S$75/US$55
  • Tip adjustment larger than 0.010″: Add S$20/US$15
  • Bite plate replacement: S$40/US$30
  • Baffle Insert: S$40/US$30
  • Basic Chamber Work: S$40/US$30
  • Additional services: Quote by Job
  • Shipping: Additional (See separate section below)


  • Testing & Evaluation: S$20/US$15 (Fee included in standard refacing rate)
  • Standard refacing*: S$95/US$70
  • Tip adjustment larger than 0.010″: Add S$25/US$20
  • Bite plate replacement: S$40/US$30
  • Baffle Insert: S$40/US$30
  • Basic Chamber Work: S$50/US$35
  • Additional services: Quote by Job
  • Shipping: Additional (See separate section below)
  • Refacing metal plated pieces will incur plating loss – Refer to photo below for example. I do not provide re-plating services.


  • On case by case basis
  • Testing & Evaluation: S$20/US$15 (Fee included in standard refacing rate)
  • Standard refacing* up to .005″: S$190/US$150
  • Tip adjustment larger than 0.005″: Not Available
  • Bite plate replacement: S$40/US$30
  • Baffle Insert: S$40/US$30
  • Basic Chamber Work: Not Available
  • Additional services: Not Available
  • Shipping: Additional (See separate section below)

* Standard Refacing

Standard refacing includes the following:

  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Tip opening/closing of no more than 0.010″ (0.005″ for Stainless Steel and Bronze)
  • Table correction
  • Rail balancing (thickness, curve, etc.)
  • Tip reshaping
  • Tip rail thinning/thickening
  • Minor baffle adjustments
  • Minor chamber/window/throat adjustments

Standard Terms & Conditions

After the “Testing and Evaluation” phase, I will provide you with the work list I intend to do and the benefits it should bring. You have to approve my recommendations before I start the work. I will not do any work prior to receiving your approval.

Prices are valid until 31st December 2020 (currency converter: http://www.xe.com). Payment for all services done must be made in full before returning the mouthpiece back. If approved work has been completed and payment has not been made within 30 days after informing the owner of work completion, the mouthpiece(s) will be considered abandoned and will become my property.

Contact me for a full quotation (Postage not included in prices). PayPal payments will incur 5% surcharge. I accept Bank Transfers. Payment by PayNow or in Cash prefered for Singapore customers.

International packages should be marked “Used Mouthpieces for Repair”. I recommend to use Registered Airmail services. Please provide me with the tracking number as soon as available (Taxes and Duty on arrival in Singapore or on return to you, if any, are your responsibility and will be charged back to you at cost). I am not responsible for lost or damaged mail items by postal or courier services.

NB: Please sanitize your mouthpiece before sending it to me. I recommend to use a solution of white vinegar and water. I reserve the right to charge you an additional S$10/US$10 fee if your mouthpiece is particularly dirty.

Why my rates are so low?

If you have shopped around for refacing services, you will have most likely noticed that my Standard Refacing Rates are considerably less than other refacers based in the US or Europe despite being based in the most expensive city in the world. Why is that?

The short answer is because I think what I am charging is a fair price for the service I provide and I want the most players to benefit from refacing. Based on the mouthpieces I have had on my work bench over the years, I have not seen any evidence that a US$200 job from any “famous” refacer automatically makes the end result play or look better…

I do not make a living out of mouthpiece refacing and therefore, I do not need to charge exorbitant rates to sustain a particular lifestyle. I provide this service out of passion for the craft and to help musicians get better tools for their art.

Contrary to the general belief, refacing should not be reserved to professional musicians. In fact, the most benefits are gained by beginner/intermediate players who usually play on cheaper mouthpieces in the $100-200 range. As basic economics dictates, most people are not ready to invest in a $100-200 refacing job for a $100 mouthpiece.

Despite my low rate, I guarantee that I do not cut corners when I work on your mouthpiece. It’s about ethic, passion, knowledge, attention to details and love for the craft. Your mouthpieces will all get the same amount of attention and they will all be finished to the same high standard. No rough baffles, uneven tip rails, etc., here!


If you are not satisfied with the work, I will keep on working on your mouthpiece at no additional cost until it reaches your expectations, you will only need to cover all shipping charges (if required).

Turnaround Time

My current turnaround time is approximately 48-72 hours upon receiving your mouthpiece. This is subject to change according to workload.


I do not recommend to send your main piece for refacing unless it has been damaged. If it is your main mouthpiece it’s because you like its sound and the way it plays so refacing may change that. If you insist, I would work on your main piece but please be aware that it may no longer play the same.

My recommendation is to send your second, third, etc. pieces for refacing and make them better. In turns they may even become your main pieces!


I am not a magician!

Refacing work is not a “silver bullet” that will make you play better. It is a service that makes sure you have the best tools for your art. Refacing will never replace hours of shedding!

If I don’t find anything wrong with your mouthpiece, I will not push to do any work on it. Likewise, if I find something wrong but I think it will have no impact on sound or playability, I will let you know and you can decide for yourself if you want to go ahead with the work.


I use Registered Airmail Service from Singapore Post (www.singpost.com) as standard and it usually cost S$15-20 for most destinations around the world. This service provide insurance of up to S$68.

For full insurance, I recommend to use SpeedPost (www.speedpost.com.sg), the courier service of Singapore Post. Cost is around S$50-60 for most destinations around the world.

Registered Airmail Service usually takes 10 working days within Asia-Pacific, 15 working days to Europe, 21 working days to the US and the rest of the world. Note that it can take considerably longer for some countries such as Canada. Singapore Post usually sends parcel out of the country within 2-3 working days, delays incurred (if any) are at the final destination.

My responsibility for your item(s) is engaged until I provide you with the tracking number and drop the parcel at the post office. Should a parcel is declared lost by Singapore Post, I will refund you the cost of the refacing work and forward you the amount received from insurance (if any). I will not cover the replacement cost of the lost item(s).

COVID-19 Update: Due to the limited number of international flights, postal services around the world are experiencing huge delays. Patience is required.

Please check the following page for COVID-19 updates from the Postal Service of your country: https://www.singpost.com/covid-19-updates/international-post-parcel-services-updates


For consultation at my workshop, I recommend that you bring your saxophone, ligature and reed together with your mouthpiece. Hearing you play with your set-up helps me identify potential issues.

I do not provide service on the spot. Refacing takes time and requires concentration. You will need to return to collect your mouthpiece or I can send it back to you by postal or courier service at your own cost.

Mouthpiece Makers & Shop Owners

I also offer bulk hand facing/refacing service for Mouthpiece Makers and Shop Owners who require hand facing and hand finishing work on their line of mouthpieces.

Get in touch by email to discuss commercial terms.

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