ASC’s designs are modern mouthpieces rooted in tradition. In this line of mouthpieces, I am taking the best features from tried and tested designs and blend them into unique modern mouthpieces.

I also offer customization of tip opening, facing length, facing curve and baffle height if you want your preferred mouthpiece parameters copied onto an ASC design.


“Easiest playing piece I tried thus far. Not overly bright nor dark. Right in the middle. Great job and fantastic piece!

SCIROCCO – S$178/US$135

The Scirocco is a warm and powerful Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara.

This hard rubber piece has a small chamber with a squeezed throat. It is inspired by the legendary Selmer Soloist mouthpiece of the 50s. It has a sweet, warm sound which is neither too bright nor too dark. The facing curve makes it easy to control from pianississimo (ppp) to fortississimo (fff).

Available in the following tip openings (+/-.002″):

6 (.060″) – 7 (.065″) – 8 (.070″)


MISTRAL – S$188/US$140

The Mistral is a strong wind that blows from Southern France into the Mediterranean.

This hard rubber piece has a medium round chamber and a small rollover baffle. It is inspired by two of my favorite pieces, the Brilhart Tonalin and the Meyer Bros. It has a medium bright sound with rich lows, clear mediums and powerful, but not harsh, highs. This is a very versatile piece that allows you to easily shape your sound the way you like it.

Available in the following tip openings (+/-.002″):

5 (.070″) – 6 (.075″) – 7 (.080″)


“It is FANTASTIC!!!! I really couldn’t put the horn down once I started playing. It’s everything I asked for. You really nailed it, man. I mean really.

Congratulations on producing such a work of art. You are the man.

“Your Foehn was so much fun to play! The tone is so thick and colorful. The altissimo range is a breeze to play. It projects almost as well as a high step baffle mouthpiece. This will definitely be my go to piece when I need to be loud.”

FOEHN – S$198/US$145

The Foehn is a dry, warm, down-slope wind blowing in the Alps.

This hard rubber piece has a medium-large round chamber and a customizable rollover baffle. It is a crossover between a Slant Sig and an EB. It has a medium sound with lush lows and powerful highs. This piece is fitted with a very responsive facing curve for projection and the right amount of resistance to push against for better control of the altissimo register. This piece is at ease in a variety of situations from big band to pop music.

Available in the following tip openings (+/-.002″):

7 (.100″) – 7* (.105″) – 8 (.110″)

Terms & Conditions:

Prices are in S$ (Singapore Dollars) and US$ (US Dollars) exclusive of shipping cost (Currency converter:

One time exchange for a different size is accepted for Standard ASC Series (Scirocco, Mistral & Foehn) within 7 days of delivery of the mouthpiece and on return of the mouthpiece in its original condition. No refund accepted. Buyer pays for additional shipping costs. No exchange available on custom tip openings or facings.

Taxes and Duties on arrival in your country, if any, are your responsibility.

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