About Me

For me, it all started with the famous quote from Paul Desmond “I think I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to sound like a dry martini“.

The word “Avel” means “Wind” in my local dialect in Brittany, France.

Avel Sound Concept is a Singapore based workshop specialized in saxophone mouthpiece refacing. I started this service out of passion for the craft and to help saxophone players in the Asia-Pacific region get the sound they want at an affordable price.

There is nothing worse than hearing a great saxophone player with a poorly set-up mouthpiece! (… And yes, this also applies to you playing classical music…)

My aim is to offer the best possible services at an affordable price without having to send your mouthpiece half way around the world to the US or Europe.

My name is Maxime Even. I am an amateur Saxophone and Trumpet player. I play on the following instruments:

  • Yamaha 82ZR Soprano w/ Selmer Super Session “I” & Legere Signature Reed
  • Selmer SA80 I Alto w/ Selmer Spirit 184 & Legere Signature Reed
  • King Super 20 Silversonic Alto w/ Brilhart Tonalin .070″ & Legere Signature Reed
  • Yamaha 82Z II UL WOF Tenor w/ Mouthpiece Cafe Espresso 7* & Legere Signature Reed
  • Selmer SA80 I Baritone w/ AM Mouthpieces AMSS .110″ Metal Hybrid & Legere Signature Reed
  • Yamaha YFL361 Flute
  • Yamaha YCL450 Bb Clarinet w/ Theo Wanne Gaia 4 & Legere European Cut Reed
  • Ridenour Lyrique 925e Bass Clarinet w/ AM Mouthpieces AMSS .080″ Metal Hybrid & Legere Signature Reed
  • Hub Van Laar OIRAM “Light” Bb Trumpet w/ AR Resonance ML C 42 Bronze w/ Large Backbore
  • Hub Van Laar OIRAM “Ack” Flugelhorn w/ AR Resonance M FL 42 Buffalo Horn w/ Medium Backbore

Let’s Find Your Sound together

Avel Sound Concept
20 Jalan Hajijah
01-29 Laguna Green
Singapore 468726

+65 9338 4608 (Whatsapp)